Masion Industrial Group LLC. Located in HongKong
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Strategy Value Added Chain Vision and Values Sustainability

MIG is a globally operating supplier specialize in Casting material, Bearing & Mills, Refractory Products, systems and services, which cover supplying surrounding products for Foundry and Steel plant. MIG always serve the plant with the requirement of high-temperature resistance exceeding 1400 C-g, deep work layer and less abrasion rolls with superior hardness up to HSC 78.

Roughly coordinate with 200 customers from foundry, steel, cement, Ele-Carbon, nearly cover all countries over the world. The sales team serve well with the engineers and logistics team together, Make the arrangement before, in use and after service for whole plant customized products and system solution.

Casting sand and resin always seemed as the blood of Foundry, which summarized to be the determination factor for superior casting. MIG casting team serve to help solve blowhole, easy mould knockout, gas-hole, cold steal defect and etc, which with high grade requirement casting in auto part field, precision casting field and park works field. The casting material suppl-ying, defection solution and delivery to customer’s warehouse all be focus by MIG.

The refractory is resource-intensive, which China hold basis raw material and dolomite 40% around world. Naturally occurring who overtake the source largely and independently will be out of the price and quality shaking... MIG lay the solid foundation ...

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Industry update
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